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How is this chart compiled?

Good question.  This table combines the top ten data from Vidtrac, Video Business and Video Store Magazine for each week throughout all of 1999.  We started with the individual data supplier's information.  Using Vidtrac as the example, the top ten video rentals chart for each week was merged into one big spreadsheet and sorted by title.  We subtotaled the weekly rental revenue for every title on the chart.  We then calculated the subtotal for each title as a percentage of the grand total for all titles. We sorted the list by percent of the grand total to arrive at a list of the top 100 titles.   This process was repeated for Video Business and Video Store Magazine. 

These individual Top 100 lists were merged to create a master list with 300 records (most of them being repeats).  We added together all repeats to get one combined score for all titles, divided by three, and then sorted in desending order.  The result is a list of the Top 100 video rentals for 1999 ranked by percentage of video rentals.

The list has its flaws, notably that the list only includes the Top 10 each week.  As soon as a title dropped to number 11, it was no longer tracked for this chart. Despite its weaknesses, we believe it provides an accurate measure of each title's performance throughout the year.

One thing that lends credibility to this process is that Video Store Magazine published a Top Fifty Video Rentals for the year.  Even though they have access to presumably more comprehensive data, including rental revenue for the weeks following a title's drop off the Top 10, our estimates of their Top 100 video rentals for the year is very similar to the list they published.


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