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Weekly Video Trends

The charts in this catalog show a quick and dirty graphical representation of aggregate video rental activity each week throughout 1999 as published by Video Store Magazine, Video Business, and Vidtrac.

There is also a National Video Rental chart which compares indexed data from all three sources. Rather than plotting the absolute values for each source as is done on the other charts, the percentage change from the prior week is calculated.  This relative value is plotted for all three sources based on the final week in 1998 having a value of 100.

Trade Wars

These charts track total weekly home video rental activity in the United States for 1998 vs. 1997 as published by Video Store Magazine and Video Business, the two weekly trade magazines serving the home video retailer.

Videodyne stopped updating these charts in 1999.  The information formerly published here was folded into the Weekly Trends charts instead.   The Trade Wars section will remain online with the entire years 1997 vs 1998. 

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