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Here's the legal disclaimer: All this information has been previously published either in  print or on the Web. Videodyne and its agents are reprinting it for personal use, not for profit. Videodyne assumes all visitors are doing the same.  

Videodyne does not own this information so don't ask to see a price list. Videodyne's official policy is that giving Videodyne or its agents money is acceptable; however, you won't get the rights to this information, or anything else for that matter,  in return. 

If you want to use this information yourself, you need to contact each source individually to determine their acceptable use policy. Videodyne can provide you with information about acquiring the information on your own from the original sources if you so desire.

Except for royalty free clip-art, all the images you see are the property of Videodyne, either created completely from scratch or by mutating royalty free images. All the copy is written by in-house.  Videodyne owns these materials and copying them without permission is copyright infringement.

NOTE THAT Videodyne does not have access to the primary research behind the information published here. As such, Videodyne accepts on faith that the published information from these sources is accurate; however, Videodyne is unable to determine its accuracy.  Videodyne assumes that the primary data providers adhere to accepted market research standards when gathering, analyzing, and publishing the data.

If you copy the charts or tables on this website or use them under the assumption that the information is accurate, you're on your own. Don’t come crying if the information is later found out to be incorrect.

Realize that, despite our best efforts to transcribe this information accurately, mistakes happen. So if the published information was correct but was copied incorrectly, you are again on your own. To paraphrase the classic line from the film Animal House, "Hey, you fucked up. You trusted us."

Videodyne is responsible for nothing.

Void where prohibited.

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