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What was the number one video rental in the United States last week?  A simple question that doesn't always have a simple answer. Often the answer depends on who you're asking. 

Video Store Magazine, Video Business, and Vidtrac (among many others) each publish their own  lists of the top video rentals.   Since Video Business and Vidtrac have pooled their market research might together, these two sources now publish identical Top Ten lists.  Video Store Magazine's charts will sometimes agree but more often they do not.

However, since these two Top Video Rental lists are:

  • among the most respected in the industry (especially the Video Business/Vidtrac conglomerate)
  • measuring the same phenomenon (the top video rentals for the week in the United States)
  • are based on data that is gathered independent of one another
  • published virtually simultaneously (eliminating each other's influence)
  • are based on different research designs

they provide a convenient system of checks and balances for anybody interested in the top video rentals.

Converging information from both sources is bound to provide a more informed view about what is happening in the video industry than is possible by studying only once source.

So each week, usually by Wednesday afternoon, the Videodyne Information Services brings these respected sources together in one place by publishing the latest top ten video lists on this website.

So you can easily compare and contrast each chart and get a better sense of the most popular video rentals.


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