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(Week Ending December 10, 2000)

See notes below for explanation of terms

To Our Readers: We apologize for not updating the Top Ten Video Rental charts as regularly as we would like.  We're slowly but surely coming back on line!!!!  Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks.  One big change you'll notice is that we no longer print the Video Business Top 10 rental chart.  The reason for this is that Video Business has joined forces with the VSDA's Vidtrac and have scored an exclusive arrangement to publish Vidtrac information in their magazine.  Since the charts from both sources are identical, it would be redundant to publish both of them here. We are, however, still collecting the aggregate video rental information from Video Business and will publish those numbers as they become available.  If you want to see the Video Business charts, please visit their website at

The Top 100 Video Rentals for 1999 is complete and now available!

Stay Tuned for Year 2000!  Available early next century!


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The Top Ten Charts

This Week's Rental Charts

Explanation of Charts: (top)

These two tables are the top ten video rentals for the current week as reported by Vidtrac and, Video Store Magazine. This page also included the Video Business rental charts at one time. However, since The VSDA and Video Business magazine have combined their market research forces, the top 10 video rentals they publish each week is identical; ergo, including both would be redundant.

 These are not necessarily the complete charts as originally published. Space constraints limit the information provided to only that which is common across all the charts, i.e., current rank, previous week's rank, Title, supplier/distributor, length of time in release, and ranking criteria (total earnings for the week in this case).  Vidtrac and Video Store Magazine also report the cumulative rental revenue earned by the title which is reported here in the last column on those tables.  

Vidtrac and Video Store Magazine revenue data are estimates of the video's total earnings nationwide (United States and maybe Canada) in millions of dollars.  Both sources also publishes an estimate of overall consmer spending on all video rentals for that week.  Using this figure allows us to calculate the market share of the top ten video rentals.  

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